2023 Overview and Direction

The direction for 2023 is to build the Art of Giving Foundation as a profitable non-profit business.  It is our goal to fund all current programs as well as pay the board of directors for their efforts through a percentage raised. The annual goal to raise is $160,000 with a 25% commission to all Executive Board members split evenly.  For payments to the Executive Board to be paid out at the end of each quarter, all Board Members and their respective Associate Boards must reach or exceed their goal.  Money does not roll over into future months. Bonuses are paid within 14 days of the last day of the quarter.

If there is anyone that wants to take on  more than one board position, you will be eligible for the commission of both positions. I.e. 25% of $160,000 / 7 = $5,714.  If someone takes on two roles they receive $5,714 X 2 roles = $11,428. 


Quarterly Goal Schedule:

January – March 2023 = $27,500

  • $15,000 bod
  • $6250 ab
  • $6250 mixers

April – June 2023 = $27,500

  • $15,000 bod
  • $6250 ab
  • $6250 mixers

July – September 2023 = $77,500

  • $15,000 bod
  • $6250 ab
  • $6250 mixers
  • $50,000 gala

October – December 15th, 2023 = $27,500

  • $15,000 bod
  • $6250 ab
  • $6250 mixers


Anya Rivtis, Director of Community Outreach

Responsible for the planning and implementation of outreach strategies for Art Of Giving Foundation. Connecting children through art in underprivileged communities by cultivating relationships with local schools, community centers, businesses, individuals, and other philanthropic organizations.

Leads the way in corporate relations and finding synergy between AOG and traditional for-profit businesses. To solicit support from future partners and build relations in which formalize monetary donations, trade, or charitable donations of event space time and other commodities.

  • Sponsorships
  • Grant Writing Assistance
  • Community Partnerships
  • Assist Event Director with various tasks as needed


Brad Laney, Director of IT

Maintaining the backend of the Art of Giving Foundation website by keeping events up to date, plugins updated, payments updated and on time, as well as following the brand guidelines for the organization.  Maintaining the Google Workplace email system and payments as well as ensuring problems are fixed in a timely manner.  On the occasion the organization needs assistance with technology related matters for events, the IT Director will be the point of contact.

  • Website maintenance
  • Email maintenance
  • Merchant services


Sharon Johnson, Volunteer Director

The Volunteer Director is responsible for ensuring all volunteers have signed and turned in their proper documentation and that all contracts are kept up to date and on file.  Ensures there are the proper amount of volunteers with the right experience for each event or installation.  Establishes internship programs for volunteers to participate throughout the organization based on the needs of each department.  Arrange corporate volunteer opportunities and assist with events as needed.

  • Legal documentation for all volunteers
  • University Partnerships
  • Corporation Opportunities
  • Assist Event Director with various tasks as needed


Monica Yearwood, Director of Marketing and Communications

The Marketing Director is responsible for overseeing and managing the Art of Giving Foundation brand and marketing efforts.  Ensuring internal and external messaging are in line with our mission and vision and adhere to the brand standards. Managing and overseeing development of social media strategies and execution and developing and using items in our marketing arsenal to support events, fundraising efforts, and programs such as newsletters and other media outlets.

  • Social media management
  • Website content
  • Newsletter content
  • Press releases
  • Photography & Videography
  • Graphic Design
  • POS for all events


TBD (Autumn Pippenburg), Event Director

Leader of all AOG events, leads Event Associate Board and delegates tasks appropriately. From concept, venue acquisition, event planning and point of contact day of for major events.  Own and manage the calendar, marketing requests and venue/vendor acquisition.  Manage other board members in their respective roles when it pertains to an event.


Autumn Pippenburg, Director of Operations and Strategy, Founder and Chairwoman

Responsible for maintaining overall messaging and structure as well as supporting the overall direction of the charity by documenting and maintaining the mission statement and tenants. Additionally, create collateral for corporate relations, partnerships and sponsors.  Help create and maintain charities corporate structure, documenting board of directors rules of order, and bylaws.

Create the overall vision, mission statement and operational direction of the charity. Provide oversight of other board members’ responsibilities including but not limited to finance, strategy, marketing, administration, outreach and corporate relations.

  • Programming
  • Budgets
  • Bookkeeping
  • Annual Reports
  • Public Relations
  • Policy Making and Record Keeping

I have read and agree to the terms stated in this agreement. I am an Executive Board Member for the Art of Giving Foundation and agree to perform the position I have been given.

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