Art of Giving Custom Wine Program in partnership with Meta Wine

Custom wine programs are in high demand for both retail shops and restaurants. This customization serves as an extension of the restaurant or retail brand, fortifying the goodwill and reputation that has already been built. Art of Giving Foundation, in partnership with Meta Wine, makes it easy to create custom wine programs for our retail and hospitality partners.

We’re teaming up with twelve local Chicago artists to create their own wine label and sell their own wine label, all while giving back to the Chicago art community. Artists earn $1 for every bottle sold, as does Art of Giving. If you are a Chicago artist that loves wine, is looking to expand your brand, market yourself in a new fashion, and earn a profit all while helping to fund your industry, you need to apply for this amazing opportunity!

Rules & Things To Know Before You Apply:
(This goes without saying, but please read the contract in its entirety before signing.)
1. You must LOVE wine! If you don’t drink wine or even like wine, please don’t apply.
2. You must be at least 21 years old before the date of your application.
3. You must have a residential Chicago address.
4. Artists have full creative freedom, however there are laws in place that regulate what you can or can’t have on a bottle of wine. If you are chosen, these laws will be reviewed with you prior to the design process.
5. Meta Wine owns the rights to your design. This means they can alter it if needed. It also means they can continue to sell your design however they so choose. However, if the design is ever used as a wine label, you will be further compensated.
6. Artists will have to fulfill a total of 2 bottle signings over the course of the 30 days your wine is marketed. These dates will not be chosen by the artist, so please be flexible with your schedule.
7. Some of the bottle signings will be outside of the city, therefore you should have your own transportation. Meta Wine and Art of Giving are not responsible for your travel costs.
8. Each artist is promoted/marketed for 30 days. This means your wine label will be for sale for a minimum of 30 days within a calendar year. Your wine may be sold for up to 365 days depending on its popularity.
9. Artists can not sell wine on their own. There are laws and systems in place for this and all sales must go through Meta Wine.
10. Artists are representing the Art of Giving Foundation and Meta Wine. Therefore, artists must be professional, timely, and pleasant to work with.
11. Your contract is with Meta Wine, but your payments will come from the Art of Giving Foundation.
12. If you have questions, ask the Art of Giving Foundation – we are your resource partner through this entire process. If you have questions before you apply, please email
13. The Art of Giving Foundation is not responsible for choosing the winners. Meta Wine is in full command of choosing the artists that will represent their custom wine labeling program.

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IMPORTANT: Please read this "Agreement for Design Services" (CLICK THIS LINK) and indicate that you've read and accept the terms by checking this box below.

Please enter your initials and submit your application. By submitting your application you agree to all the terms listed above. All applicants must be at least 21 years of age and live within the Chicago city limits to participate in this program.