What’s For Dinner?

Several groups of local underprivileged youth are treated to a night out at some of Chicago’s most popular restaurants, for an immersive culinary experience.

Sometimes all you need is inspiration or the opportunity to experience what can be.  Many youth never step foot into a restaurant because their financial situation doesn’t allow for it. 

$100 pays for one individual to participate.  This includes transportation to the restaurant, a full meal, a tour and staff meet, and transportation back to their home.  We take groups of 6 or more at once and try to take 250 individuals annually, to over 12 different restaurants. 

We are breaking those barriers and providing the means for our Chicago youth to experience what it’s like to not only dine in a nice restaurant, but to cook in one too – seeing the behind the scenes of what makes a restaurant a success.  Your financial support provides this opportunity.

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