Mural Installations


Revitalize common areas and classrooms in underprivileged Chicago schools, community centers, and parks by adorning them with vibrant and educational murals. 
We also specialize in corporate buildings, restaurants, medical facilities, and so many more.
When you hire the Art of Giving Foundation, you are directly benefiting our Chicago youth. Our services are tax deductible and insured.  We work with only Chicago small businesses and artists to insure your contributions are directly affecting our community. 
Restoration Services:
Interior Design Services
Restoration of Walls, Ceilings and Floors
Professional Painting 
Installation of handrails and Handicap Rails
Window and Door Replacement
Repairing or Replacing Light Fixtures 
Repairing or Replacing Minor Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Systems 
Professional Deep Cleaning 
Mural Services:
Indoor and Outdoor Mural Installations
Mural Wallpaper Installation
Mosaic Installation 
It is our honor to partner with CPS to beautify our community! We provide complimentary mural installation services to underserved schools who apply and are eligible to receive our services. We work with your school to insure you meet the necessary requirements initiated by CPS.  Please see the guidelines below.
To apply for a mural installation, click here


Consistent with the CPS Art Collection Policy adopted by the Board of Education in February 2020, and as reiterated in Integrity Memo 33 issued December 2020, CPS has developed requirements for the design, fabrication and installation of murals/mosaics to protect student safety, ensure the longevity of the artwork and to preserve the artwork during any future building renovations.  These design guidelines are linked here for your reference and guidance. 

In addition, you will need to provide:

  • Details pertaining to the funding source and its procurement path to clarify whether the artist’s invoices will be paid through the school or through a third party.  This information is required for incorporation into the contract that will be issued through the Law Department for execution by the school, artist and Procurement Department

  • Preliminary Conceptual Imagery:  Submit conceptual imagery, including graphics and narrative, that provides a sense of the artists’ vision for the proposed mosaic.  CPS acknowledges this is subject to change as the project develops, but we request this as a necessary first step in the coordination of this project.


  • CPS does not allow the use of stock photography as part of the graphic content development for an installation at a CPS facility.  

  • The artist is responsible for clearing use of any images being incorporated in the design to avoid intellectual property concerns on CPS’ behalf.  THIS INCLUDES OBTAINING RELEASE FORMS FROM ANY CPS STUDENTS WHOSE IMAGES ARE INCORPORATED INTO THE CONTENT.  The release form must not establish any set amount of time and must clearly indicate the intended use of the student’s likeness.

  • When submitting content, either preliminary or final, the artist must also confirm that the proposed content conforms to these requirements.

  • Final Content Review:  We understand the final content will be based on interaction with students.  When it is available, we require the final proposed content be submitted for confirmation of final approval by the Departments of Arts Education and Communications.  The approved content will then be incorporated in the contract issued by the Law Department for execution by the school, artist and Procurement Department.

  • Location:  Please provide photos showing the proposed location for the installation, annotated to give an idea of its size and configuration.  Our review will identify any additional requirements specific to the proposed location to facilitate installation, avoid conflict with building maintenance operations or planned renovations, and to promote the work’s longevity.

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