Welcome to Art of Giving Foundation

The Art of Giving Foundation was born from passion, diligence, and a genuine concern for the enrichment of communities and the common good.  We provide art therapy services, restoration services and mural installs in Chicago Public Schools, provide art and educational supplies to CPS teachers, and provide opportunities for Chicago artists to work, give back to their community, and engage with our youth.



Equip Chicago public schools, community centers and local artists with art and educational resources, alongside support for facility rehabilitation. Spark transformation in our underserved communities through education, empowerment and creative initiatives.


Foster a future where art and culture stand as integral pillars in the educational system, championing equal opportunities and funding for underserved Chicago schools, teachers, students, and artists.


Established in 2019, the Art of Giving Foundation (AOG) envisions fostering awareness, opportunities, and enthusiasm for the arts and related needs in Chicago. AOG is committed to obtaining grants, cultivating partnerships, securing corporate sponsorships, and soliciting donations from individuals. These efforts, coupled with fundraising events, will contribute to the creation of the Art of Giving Fund. This fund will be strategically allocated to support the programs executed by AOG throughout the year.

AOG operates a dynamic system where artists and teachers can apply for essential supplies and opportunities. Following predetermined criteria and board approval, AOG extends services to selected applicants, providing not only in-kind support but also dedicated services to help them achieve their goals.

Autumn Dolores Pippenburg, Founder

Autumn Pippenburg is the CEO of Pippco, Inc., a Chicago-based Art and Design Consulting company with 20+ years serving the hospitality, corporate, residential, and medical industries. Pippenburg also specializes in brokering art and artifacts for local and national artists, galleries and other dealers, with all art commissions donated to charity. She is the Chairman for the Art of Giving Foundation, a 501c3 organization in Chicago Illinois.

Pippenburg is an artist with a passion for merging art with philanthropy. Her personal work focuses on mixed media, although her roots are in modern dance and classical piano. Her dedication to the arts has infiltrated her love for helping others, thus the Art of Giving Foundation was born.

Throughout her adult life, Pippenburg has been involved in multiple charitable causes and has been responsible for leading several philanthropic affairs. She’s traveled internationally to establish relationships with government leaders, charitable organizations, and communities in need. Her most recent project involved establishing a Cultural Arts Center for children in San Marcos, Nicaragua.

Pippenburg is the mother to a 13-year-old son who is heavily involved in martial arts, piano, and loves to write his own music. Instilling good values and morals along with inspiring through art, is a priority. For Pippenburg, children are our present and our future; her son is her driving force.

“Everything around us is in some way, shape, or form, is art. There is an artist
in every one of us and we all have the innate ability to create. Art allows our soul to express its happiness, pain, desires and goals through a healthy medium. When communities have the right tools, art saturates and impacts lives with positive influence and change. Let’s color the world with creativity, love, understanding and most importantly – opportunity.
In the end, we’re all a part of the big picture.”
                                              -Autumn Pippenburg




Autumn Pippenburg


Jessica Cairo

Art Director

Anya Rivtis

Director of Community Outreach

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Director of Volunteers
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Ashley Sprowl

Director of Marketing