Calling all Chicago creatives!

Join the Art of Giving Foundation in catalyzing positive change across our city through the transformative power of art. We extend a warm invitation to muralists, visual and mixed media artists in Chicago interested in showcasing and selling their work at our upcoming art events.

Applicants, aged 18 and above, must be U.S. citizens with a residence or business address in Chicago, IL, and should be physically and mentally prepared to actively participate in the event of choice. Join us in making a creative impact in our vibrant Chicago communities!

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Authorization – AOG warrants the following for the Artist:

  • AOG will handle all sales of art sold during the event.  At no time during the event are any other parties allowed to process transactions on behalf of AOG or the Artist.
  • AOG will accept sales by Venmo, Zelle and Credit Card. No cash payments are accepted.
  • AOG will be responsible for electronic payment fees
  • AOG will issue 65% of the art sale to Artist within 5 business days of the event.  Allow for 7-10 business days for payments to process.

Responsibilities and Requirements of Artist:

  • Artists must drop off their items/artwork to the event venue the day of the event 2 hours prior to the event commencing.
  • All artwork and stations must be set up one hour prior to the event starting. Portable easels are required for paintings.  Proper lighting is required (if you wish to hire AOG to install lighting for your artwork, the fee is $75.) Artists are responsible to include Title Cards with the title of their piece, dimensions, medium and price for every artwork being sold.
  • Unsold artwork taken immediately after the event. AOG nor the art curator is responsible for missing or damaged items/artwork before, during, or after the event.
  • AOG suggests that Artist obtain insurance on each artwork for their own protection. This is not mandatory, however it is highly recommended.

AOG Commission Terms:

  • AOG will receive a 35% commission for all items/artwork sold prior to the event should the artist have signed this Agreement in advance of the sale, as well as at the event. AOG will receive 100% commission of all donated items/artwork. Payments to the Artist will be processed within 5 business days of the event.  Please allow for 7-10 business days for funds to clear.
  • Artist name shall be included on the bill of sale for their artwork.

Fiduciary Responsibilities:

  • Title of Artwork/Item remains with the Artist until they have been paid the amount owed (65%) of art sale. Title then passes directly to the purchaser.

Reproduction of Art:

  • Artist reserves all rights to the reproduction of the artwork unless noted in writing by Artist.
  • AOG shall not permit any of the artwork to be copied or reproduced without written permission by the Artist.
  • In any instance of use and permission for reproduction or copies, the Artist shall be acknowledged as the sole creator and copyright owner of their artwork.


  • AOG will clearly identify all artwork with the Artist’s name provided on this Agreement, and any other information permitted in promotional posts, newsletters and press releases, including but not limited to the Artist’s social media pages, website, etc.
    • Artists must promote the event and their participation in the event on their social media pages in an effort to help ticket sales.
    • Artists must click “GOING” on their Facebook event
    • Artists must share the event on their social media page at least 3 times prior to the event, whether through a post or a story.
    • Artists are allowed one guest to attend with them, at a discounted rate.
    • Guest name and email must be submitted to 2 days prior to event.